Pressure washing Lilburn ga.houses

           Pressure washing houses can be deceiving

I wash houses using low pressure,I only use high pressure if I am cleaning concert.


The steps for my house washing are as follows.I wet the house with water first.I then apply I highly diluted

house wash (it has bleach in it),this kills all of the mold and mildew without damaging the siding or plants.After the siding is clean I rinse it down with water.

If you have gutters I then use a brush and gutter cleaner (it’s on an extension pole) to try and get rid of the gray streaks.I am able to get the streaks most of the time,but sometimes whatever I do they don’t come out.

After that I rinse the Windows with vinegar to try to remove any soap residue (this is not the same or as good as hand washing) it’s just to remove the soap residue.

I also wash the small walk and the concrete padio (if you have one)All of these extras come with your house wash.

I always try to meat your budget.Call or text Mickey 770-891-8471 thanks!

Pressure washing conyers





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