Pressure washing Dacula,Ga.


I have been pressure washing in Dacula,Ga. Since 1998.For houses I use a safely diluted house detergent and I apply it using low pressure.It kills all of the mold and mildew and pollen.I then rinse it off with low pressure.

I have been to Hamilton Mill several times.I have also done many vinyl homes in Dacula.Included in your house price is a gutter scrub.I take a brush and remove the graying discoloration or the stripes from the gutter with gutter zap this works about 85 percent of the time.I also include the small walk that leads up to your door and the small concrete padio if you have one.My price for the average size house is around 150-175,but I am flexible.If you know the square footage of your house multiply it by .075 and that is your estimate.The drive and wooden deck are extra.Call or text Mjr pressure washing 770-891-8471 or


when pressure washing your discolored gray deck I apply a quality deck cleaner and it lifts out the discolored wood fibers and then I clean each board individually.I also clean the spindles post the same way.When I am done cleaning everything I apply a wood brightener.This rejuvenates the deck.It will start turning gray again in about a month,but you can stain it before that time to make it last longer.If your deck is painted or stained and in good condition I can also clean it and keep the stain on it.Call or text Mjr pressure washing 770-891-8471 or


when pressure washing Dacula,Ga.driveways the first thing I do is wet the concrete,then I apply a safe detergent to loosen the dirt.Then I use my surface cleaner and high pressure to clean it.After I rinse it down I add more of the safe cleaner to make sure your concert is white and bright.Call,text or email Mjr pressure washing 770-891-8471 or drive price is around 13 cents per square foot.

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Pressure washing Driveways Dacula,Ga.”

Pressure washing driveways Dacula,Ga.

Pressure washing decks Dacula,Ga.

Pressure washing Dacula,Ga. After

Gutter scrub Dacula,Ga.

Pressure washing Dacula,Ga.before

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