Pressure washing Duluth,Ga.

House pressure washing in Duluth.


Low pressure a diluted chemical is used to wash the siding,sophists,and trim of the house.Vinager is used to spray on the windows.Spraying Vinager on the windows  isn’t as good as hand washing.Also a brush is used to clean the outside of the gutters after they are pressure washed.Price ranges vary.The average size house can cost between 135-190.The large houses start at 220.Free estimates are provided call or text Mickey 770-891-8471.Have a nice day.


Pressure washing Lawrenceville Ga.


Driveways and concrete are washed using a diluted chemical,a surface cleaner,Pricees vary,but I give a discount if you are getting the house washed.Call or text Mickey 770-891-8471 for a free no obligation estimate.Have a great day.




mjr pressure washing


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